Disillusioned by the standardization of Mexican cuisine, we, the founding members of Milpa Grille, came together with a desire to create delicious food that stayed true to the spirit of our ancestors. We felt our dream for Milpa Grille was best achieved through a fast casual dining experience that nevertheless highlights complex flavors through humble ingredients.


We knew we wanted to turn away from the stereotypical presentation of Mexican food available at many fast-food establishments and focus on the traditional, but we struggled to define the concept of an “authentic” taste. Determined to discover the true taste of our Mesoamerican ancestors’ diet, we conducted extensive research into the origins of milpa. Our investigative efforts allowed us to unearth the early usages of corn, a staple ingredient in Mesoamerican prosperity and civilization. What we discovered is an agricultural tradition dating back thousands of years known as milpa. Milpa, which involved the simultaneous cultivation of corn, squash, and beans, was a tremendously successful innovation that allowed for numerous civilizations, including the Aztecs and Mayans, to flourish in Mesoamerica.


At Milpa Grille, we pay homage to our ancestors and the practice of milpa by featuring the three core ingredients—corn, squash, and beans—in our menu. Our culinary creativity allows us to reimagine traditional Mesoamerican food and share our vision with our community. Like the three core ingredients of milpa, we at Milpa Grille adhere to three core values: family, community, and earth.


Ultimately, we believe our food will invoke a sense of the past and revitalize an ancient tradition. When you taste Milpa, you savor history.